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Ultra fast, reliable internet is imperative for your business today. We’ll find it for you.

OnDemand, Inc.


Businesses are migrating their key business applications, workloads and IT infrastructure to the cloud. We’ll explore the options with you.

OnDemand, Inc.


Your teams need to communicate and collaborate regardless of where they are or what device they are on. We know how to solve that.

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We are a technology consulting firm with 15 years of experience in helping businesses select the right IT and Communications solutions. We believe the ever-growing portfolio of proven cloud-based applications and communication services offer strong value for most businesses. We partner with trusted IT advisors and innovative thinkers in the companies we serve to help lower costs, improve process and increase competitive advantage.


IT Director
Transportation & Logistics Firm

The team and OnDemand has been instrumental in guiding our evolution and implementation of communication technology.


CEO of Managed IT Services Firm

We’ve been working with OnDemand for years and trust them to make solid recommendations to our clients and keep our team involved for implementation.


Finance & Lending

We highly value the expertise and experience of the team and look to them as a trusted advisor on communication technology.